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The SAPEC bay Industrial Park located in Setúbal, on the Atlantic front of Portugal, is a gateway to Europe, at the center of all maritime, road and rail routes and traffic.

With a privileged location, unique characteristics, its own legislation and fully infrastructured, it creates the ideal conditions for the sustainable development of companies already installed, whilst still maintaining a constructive potential for future investments of strategic interest.

The “SAPEC bay” Industrial Park occupies an area of 360 hectares, of which 40 hectares are classified as Sado Estuary Natural Reserve (RNES). It is delimited to the East by the company Navigator, to the South by the port area and the Sado River Estuary, to the West by the old facilities of the Electricity Production Unit (EDP) and to the North by the RNES and Sado Estuary.

In the SAPEC bay Industrial Park, in 2023, there will be dozens of companies, more than 1,000 employees and a turnover of more than 68 million euros. Companies present different types of activity: logistics, waste management, industry, energy and services


It is located in the metropolitan area of Lisbon, municipality and district of Setúbal, integrating a dynamic region in great development, framed by the "Serra da Arrábida", the Atlantic Ocean and the Sado Estuary, 40 km from Lisbon, 120 km from Sines and 600 km from Madrid,

Its geostrategic location and its intermodality, with a direct interface between road, rail and port area constituted a “vision” of the founders of SAPEC, in 1926, and which today has increased relevance.

The SAPEC bay industrial park has a network of multiple road-rail and port accesses:

Highway - A2, A12, and IC1

Railway - National Railway Network (RFN) / via the Praias Sado branch; internal line of the park with a length of about 7 km, consisting of several branches, with particular emphasis on the interface with the port area, which thus allows the direct connection of the port facilities that serve the Park to the national and European network;                          

Port operation - two public service port piers and respective storage parks, with solid and liquid bulk handling operations, with a DRAFT of (–) 10.5 m,  allowing the operation of ships up to 35,000 t DWT.

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