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In 1925, two investors, Antoine Velge (Belgian industrialist) and Frederic Jacobs (banker in Antwerp) sought out Setúbal with the intention of building an Industrial and Logistics Complex there, and Herdade das Praias was acquired for this purpose.

The group SAPEC (Société Anonyme de Produits et Engrais) was founded in 1926, with the exploration of pyrite mines in the Alentejo region. Pyrites were transported from Minas do Lousal and phosphates from North Africa to Herdade das Praias, where factories producing sulfuric acid and chemical fertilizers were located.


In the 90s, legislation was published for industrial parks (Decree-Law no. 232/92 of 22 October) and in particular for the SAPEC bay Industrial Park (Ordinance no. 63/94 of 28 January), being the only industrial park with legislation dedicated.

Almost 100 years later, the industrial park has a rich cultural and historical past, 360 ha of area and  the work of several national and international companies and economic groups



  • Who we are
    SAPEC Parques Industriais, S.A., is a company within the SAPEC group, founded in 1926.


  • What we do 
    Management and Enhancement of Heritage, Management of common areas of the SAPEC bay Industrial Park and Project Management.


  • Location
    SAPEC bay industrial park, industrial zone of the Mitrena Peninsula, municipality and district of Setúbal, Portugal.


  • Mission
    Manage, value and promote  SAPEC industrial park  bay, and the heritage of the SAPEC group, supported by the principles of environmental management and sustainability, Integrity, competence, efficiency, respect for the environment and people, commitment to the principles of development, sustainability, safety and social responsibility, satisfying needs and aspirations  ; of our customers and suppliers, employees and shareholders.

  • Vision 
    To be a reference company in the management, sustainability and appreciation of heritage, optimizing the use of resources and seeking efficiency and the perpetuation of its values.


  • Valueis
    Integrity, competence,  efficiency, excellence through quality and innovation, safety, environmental preservation and sustainable development. and social responsibility.



Team made up of experienced, multidisciplinary technicians with different backgrounds and knowledge, skills and interpersonal profiles. Guide for excellence and continuous improvement in the fields of environmental management and sustainability, quality and safety. 

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